Papa Wellness Organization’s executive branch consists of many specialists in various fields, who are committed to making Peace and Harmony possible in every community. The primary mission of these Global Humanitarians _ is to improve Community Health and foster the Human Relations of different groups in any community. The Support Group of PWF _ is definitely the backbone of our organization. Their members are doing excellent job in spreading the Peace Movement across every continent on this Planet. The most important objective of this Peace Movement is to prevent further gun violence and hate crimes in every community so that we can all strive for a very Peaceful World!

PWF _ is co-founded by well-known Activists, Church Leaders and State Officials who are well-prepared to prevent further gun violence and promote peace in every community. The Founding Father of this Humanitarian Movement has written many Wellness Workbooks which are helping many struggling individuals restore vitality and achieve Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual well-being. He has received many citations as “Papa Wellness” because he has provided Life-improving Training for many clients, corporate leaders and nursing staff for more than ten years. Our founding father strongly believes that the human body has the ability to replenish itself – most especially if we take excellent care of this marvelous Engine. “Take excellent care of your HEART, and it will absolutely do likewise – according to DR. SUNMONEE, Papa Wellness. The Wellness in every human being continues as long as he participates actively in his own health improvement, failure to do so, he cannot live happier, healthier, longer LIFE. These are some of the Principles that led him to believe that Peace is possible, if we all persevere and do our best to achieve World Peace.

Obviously, it’s time to stand together, as one human race, and strive to make World Peace possible! Be wise, start a local Support Group in your community and prevent further gun violence in your area. Remember to register your group with Global Peace Movement, and participate actively in Special Peace Events scheduled for the New Year.



There are Special Rewards at each Global Peace Event in recognition of every Support Group with the highest number of PARTICIPANTS. Register all members in advance and check Special Events page for complete details.