Papa Wellness Foundation – is launching several Holiday Events this year, to promote Active Wellness and Global Peace. Consequently, Christmas holidays are dedicated to Holy Celebrations of Peace on Earth and Christian Seminars to prevent further gun violence and hate crimes. Our Global Activists are urging Church Leaders to organize and participate actively in these “Special Events” which are available in your local areas. Register early on this page and support Global Peace Process.

The executive members of PWF unanimously agreed that the world urgently needs very effective strategies for Global Peace Agreement. They’re actively working with State Officials and Religious Leaders in every community across the world to implement “Diplomatic Measures” for peace at last! All law-abiding citizens must also participate very actively in Global Peace Process. We are particularly excited to challenge all peace-loving people to reach out to various groups in their communities for monumental Human Relations and promote LOVE and Friendship, during this holiday season of “Peace on Earth”!

In addition, it’s the season for having funs with very creative, Holiday surprises! Find the time to spread the importance of Global Peace Movement and enjoy all the funs of Christmas Season. “FREEZE” in creative Snapshot in front of your favorite Church. Express your personal message for “World Peace” and send Beautiful Pictures to all your friends and loved ones _ via Social Media. Challenge all your friends to repeat this process for “Holy Peace on Earth”. To all active Donors and peace-loving citizens _ we wish you Joys, Happiness, Good Health, Great Success, Peace, LOVE, Long Life And Prosperity (LLAP), and above all WELLNESS in all seasons, in Jesus Name _ AMEN. I definitely approved this “Holiday Message”

With Wellness always,
Papa Wellness.

“World peace is very possible _ if we foster cordial Human Relations among all Nations and promote LOVE instead of Hate!” Papa Wellness Organization will continue to promote Special Global Events with constant reminder that that we need full cooperation of different Nations to achieve outstanding Economic, Political, and Social success.

Easter Sunday, 2017 will be dedicated to “Global Peace” and Prevention of gun violence, by organizing Active Wellness and Special Seminars at all Beautiful Beaches across the world. Check your local listings and register your Support Groups online. Mark your calendar for Family Funs, Fitness Activities, Zumba, and “Global Peace Celebrations” at all locations on Easter Sunday, April 16th, 2017.