Preventive Measures


Preventive Measures 2020

The Global Activists and top-notch Wellness Experts at PWF __ are proud to announce Scientific Breakthroughs and very effective Measures for ending Mass School shootings in America. These outstanding Humanitarians are well-prepared to take all necessary ACTIONS to protect the Safety and Welfare of innocent children in every school.

The Global Activists at PAPA WELLNESS FOUNDATION are well known for helping many communities, worldwide, achieve Peace and Wellness that enable law-abiding citizens to enjoy Happier, Healthier, Longer Lives.

According to CNN, there were 45 Mass School shootings in the first 46 weeks of 2019. Nearly one in every week, but no effective Actions were taken to to protect innocent children from further gun-violence! Enough is enough.

All patriotic Americans and kind-hearted people must join forces to end Mass School Shootings.If we all summon the courage, we can make Outstanding Difference by implementing all necessary Preventive Measures for stopping gun-violence in every community.

Papa Wellness Foundation is leading the Noble Cause of taking essential ACTIONS against gun-violence and bullying in all schools. Digest complete details as narrated at our "Making-A-Difference Page". Our Global Activists are also calling on all Church Leaders, Business Leaders, Community Leaders, and Caring Parents to get involved.

Get involved in the Best PROGRAMS for protecting the Safety and Welfare of all children in various communities. When will Mass School Shootings end in America? It will absolutely end when we all summon great Courage to make essential Difference. We must address this dangerous Crisis, instead of waiting for a Miracle or foreign intervention!