Making a Difference



Papa Wellness Organization __  is improving the standard of protection of school children in order to end Gun-violence on every campus. Our Global Humanitarians are advocating very effective measures for stopping Mass School Shootings. All caring parents must start doing likewise in their communities. Every community must also get organized and cooperate fully with Law-enforcement Agencies to provide better PROGRAMS for profound safety and welfare of innocent children. In fact, we can no longer sit on the fence. All necessary actions must be taken to prevent further gun-violence.

Since 911, very effective DEVICES have been installed in all major Airports. All Federal Buildings also enjoy the same safety by keeping gun-violence at bay. Obviously, our innocent children deserve the same outstanding protection. In America, we are very passionate about raising FUNDS for various Crises all around the world. The million-dollar QUESTION remains: "Are we more passionate to raise enough money to end Mass School Shootings or we are still waiting for foreign AIDS from other Nations? . We must act expeditiously by putting the safety of all innocent children first.

The "Healing Process" begins with joining the local Chapter of our Peace Movement. Each community is given the best opportunity to organize Fund-Raising Events and Membership  Drive. In fact, all the money raised, at various events, must be used in the community to protect children from gun-violence and bullying.