Global Peace & Wellness


Global Peace & Wellness 2020

Papa Wellness Foundation __ is very passionate about advocating Peace and Wellness in every corner of this Wonderful World. Our Global Activists and top-notch Wellness Experts are changing the culture of Bad Behaviors and Gun-violence. These peace-loving Humanitarians are helping many struggling individuals reach their health goals and enjoy Happier, Healthier, Longer Lives.

The best approach to Peace and Wellness involves Therapeutic Lifestyle Modifications. Our experts are also helping many people achieve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. "Take excellent care of your Heart and it will absolutely do likewise" - according to DR. SUNMONEE, Papa Wellness. For your good health, start participating in your own health improvement and make Peace and Wellness possible.

The primary mission of Papa Wellness Foundation is to change the culture of Gun and Drug oriented society into Peace and Wellness Republic. We are helping many individuals achieve their health goals. in many areas around the world. Let's join forces to achieve Peace and Wellness on this Spectacular Planet You can also participate actively in the National Peace Movement in your area. The Local Chapters of Papa Wellness Foundation is ready to end Mass School Shooting.