The Global Activists of PAPA WELLNESS FOUNDATION are seeking law-abiding citizens, who are interested in making Huge Difference in many people's Lives, to join the team of "Global Peace Movement" and commit to preventing further Gun Violence in their Communities. Our top-notch activists are playing vital role in preventing violent crimes in many areas around the World. This humanitarian group is very active in providing cutting-edge Facilities for Stress Management, Anger Management, and Fundamental Behavior Changes that are necessary for promoting peace in every society. It's very important to realize that "Gun Violence is Preventable".

There are five Essential Steps that are significantly necessary – if you intend to make "World Peace" possible:

Step One:

Begin your active participation in World Peace Process by willingly taking "Global Peace Pledge", as a sign of full commitment to reducing violent crimes in your area. The process starts with folding both Arms firmly on your Chest and declaring that: "I'm well prepared to start Active Wellness in my Home, and transform this Universe into a peaceful place for all law-abiding citizens and loyal friends". Make sure that you memorize this important Pledge! Choose Life, Love and Peace as your Top Priority. I already interviewed many people around this wonderful world. They all agreed that "World Peace" is utmost priority, however, it's very unfortunate that nobody is actively doing anything to make it possible! PAPA WELLNESS FOUNDATION is well prepared to implement very effective measures. Obviously, we must contribute outstanding efforts and give "World Peace" a chance!

Step Two:

Follow all the Recommendations of our "Preventive Measures for Reducing Gun Violence". Incorporate Behavior Modifications into your daily routine and document healthy habits for restoring vitality. Take very effective Actions that are necessary for Peace on Earth. Together, we can achieve "Peace at Last" _ if everybody is willing to play active role in fostering better Human Relations among all different groups in every society.

Step Three:

Formulate the best strategies for starting Support Group of "Global Peace Movement" in your community. Be prepared to hold Regular Meetings with very responsible people in your neighborhood. Get many people involved in active role of keeping our children safer and preventing further gun violence in the neighborhood. Repeat the "Global Peace Pledge" in front of your Support Group! If you don't remember all the wordings, it's a warning sign that we all take "World Peace" and the Freedom we enjoy every day _ for granted.

Step Four:

Our Global Activists are always ready to make your neighborhood a lot safer. Learn more about our Seminars and Workshops during the major holidays. Remember to register your members for "Papa Wellness Community Events". Check your areas for local listings. We always look forward to receiving your Personal Testimonial, narrating all actions you've taken to make a difference in your community.

Step Five:

Participate actively in training all children and teenagers in your community. The primary mission involves providing Leadership Training, Comprehensive Reading and Mathematics Programs, most importantly Daily Activities in Sports and Games. All the youths must also attend Classes on Prevention of Gun Violence and Bullying.

It's well documented that wise people who live healthier lifestyle, participate actively in their own health improvement, most especially the law-abiding citizens _ are less likely to be very aggressive in any society. For your good health, thoroughly digest Life-changing Wellness Workbook: "ACHIEVE WELLNESS WITH THERAPEUTIC CARE" via: Incorporate all wellness knowledge gained, into your daily routine and achieve Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual well-being. Start enjoying the health benefits of Therapeutic Lifestyle Modifications and live happier, healthier, longer life. Participate actively in "Global Peace Movement", form a Support Group in your community and advocate prevention of Gun Violence in your neighborhood.